MacPherson Church Sanctuary, location of studio recitals

Studio Policy

Signed Agreement

In order to maintain clear communication concerning tuition, fees, scheduling, practice expectations, and good studio behavior, the studio asks that the parent(s) read, print out, sign, and return to the studio a signed copy of the studio policy agreement at the beginning of the fall semester.

Books and Materials

Sheet music and other materials will be determined by the teacher.  The student is responsible for purchasing all materials.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Communication is an important part of the education process.  Sometimes there are questions that cannot be addressed in the lesson.  Please email, call, or text me if you have any questions concerning your student or the expectations of the studio.  I also send out a newsletter at the beginning of each semester, which provides important information, including scheduling and performance dates.


Regular attendance of lessons is the responsibility of the student and parent.  The studio will not assume any financial responsibility for the student’s absence(s) due to illness, sports, school trips, etc.  Please note that once the semester is underway that changing your lesson time to accommodate sports or other activities may not be possible.  Please do not come to your lesson if you are sick!  The studio does provide quarterly makeup lesson days.

Please arrive on time.  If a student arrives late, time will not be taken from the following student’s lesson to accommodate late arrivals.

Emergency situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that frequent, unexcused absences may result in terminating lessons.

Makeup Lesson Policy

Every student is allowed one makeup lesson per semester.  Any lessons missed by the teacher will not count as your one makeup lesson, and will be made up at a time convenient for everyone.  Any lessons missed to inclement weather will not be affected by this policy.  Please note that makeup lessons are only available for the quarters listed.  They cannot be changed or rolled over into the next semester.


Lessons are based on a monthly tuition which reserves the student a specific weekly slot and membership within the studio.  Tuition covers your private lesson as well as the teachers’ time spent planning each lesson.  Payment is due at the first lesson of the month.  If you do not make the first lesson of the month, forget your payment, or put your payment in the mail, please make sure that I have received it by the 10th of the month to keep the $10 late fee from incurring.

Tuition cannot be refunded.

Tuition payments can be paid with cash, check, PayPal, or debit/credit card via the PayPal app.

Studio Procedures

The studio is part of a place of worship and must be regarded as such.  Please do not bring food or drinks into the studio.  An exception may be made for adults, provided the drink container has a lid.  Please do not set any food or drinks on or near the piano.

Students must arrive on time and be picked up immediately after the lesson.  Students are expected to bring all necessary music and materials to the lesson.  Parents who are more than fifteen minutes late picking up their child will be charged an additional lesson.

Parents are welcome to sit in on the lesson.  I do hope that parents will stay for a lesson or two, so that they can see what exactly happens in a lesson.  For students ages eight and under, I require a parent to be present.   However, some parents find that having a parent in the room is distracting, or even intimidating.  Parents may also wait in the nursery area or in the lobby.

Siblings and visitors are welcome, provided that they remain quiet and observe the studio policy.  All siblings and young visitors must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

Nails must be trimmed short.  Short nails enable students to play with the correct hand position that is essential to provide a quality sound, develop strong fingers, and to prevent hand strain and injury.

Practice and Parental Support

Progress will not occur without regular, consistent practice.  Learning the necessary skills to play the piano will not happen just by showing up to lessons.  Music is a lifelong skill that requires commitment and concentration.  Parental support is important in musical training.  Young students usually require parental guidance when setting up a practice regimen at home.  It is often necessary for the parent to sit with the child and guide them through their homework for the first few weeks.

Music is a challenging skill.  Learning plateaus can be frustrating, but they are part of the learning process.  They can only be overcome with patience and persistence.

Consistent, thoughtful practice results in beautiful music, high self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment!


There will be several opportunities for performing throughout the school year.  Our studio hosts a fall recital and a spring recital.  As a member of FPTA (Fayetteville Piano Teachers Association), I am eligible to have students from my studio play on quarterly FPTA recitals at Methodist University and other locations in Fayetteville.  There is an annual FPTA competition in the spring.  There are also a variety of recital and master class opportunities throughout the year.

Terminating Lessons

Should you decide to terminate lessons, please understand that a one-month notice is appreciated.  In addition, the studio reserves the right to terminate lessons with any student for non-compliance with any of the stated lesson policies and requirements of any other inappropriate behavior.  Please note that tuition will not be refunded.

For more information on the studio, please see the FAQ page.